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20cm of snow with in the past 24 hrs…+1 degree…

Whooohooo….Let’s hope this snow will stay this time….the groomer will be out tonight to “pack” the Apex side of the trails…this includes the Night Loop , Apex and Cottonwood…just a reminder, that “packing”does not mean groomed…The trail conditions will be updated when grooming takes place and by the looks of things, that won’t be long. This is the final day of “opening up the canopy” on the right side of the Busk trail so we will get in there to “pack” as the weather allows….

Current Conditions

..+2 Degrees…10-15+cm of snow  with in the last 24hrs….This recent accumulation will be a fantastic base for the upcoming season. We will be “packing” over the week end. There may be some confusion with the work “packing”, this does not mean groomed. There is active logging up Clearwater and we will not have access to this trail until Dec. 01/17. Volunteers will be working on a section of the Busk trail removing trees in order to open up the canopy to improve the trail conditions for skiing. All trails will remain CLOSED until further notice…


 All our trails are CLOSED for skiing until further notice. We are still working on Cottonwood and Busk to improve those trails for better snow coverage.  Although the Night Loop and sections of Cottonwood are packed they still require a substantial amount of snow to have them ready for skiing..Skiing on the Clearwater Trail is extremely dangerous due to active logging. We will not have access to that trail until the end of November…..