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December 13th Trails Update

Good evening!

Conditions remain favourable as our operations staff work to get everything in place for another season. It continues to snow at Apex and higher elevations which will allow Ralph to pack and groom Euphrates tonight. The Apex side will be a priority for another pass with the Husky and if time and snow accumulation permits Clearwater will also get a touch up. We still recommend that skiers watch their skis on Clearwater until we have confirmation that there is sufficient accumulation to cover any small rocks in the snow.

Lisa is now set up at the Apex kiosk and is looking forward to seeing the familiar faces of returning members and welcoming new members to our trails.

The Busk kiosk is also in place so please be prepared to present your member card or day pass to Kjell or one of our volunteer kiosk attendants when entering the Busk or Clearwater trails.

Kiosk hours of operation and services are posted at

Warmer temperatures and wet snow are forecast for the next few days with Apex being close to the anticipated snow level. Clearwater will likely be optimal as this Pacific system rolls through.

Happy Skiing!!

December 11th Trails Update

Good news NNSC members!

We have had at least 20cm of snow accumulate on our trails since noon today. Ralph has been packing and grooming the Apex-Cottonwood-Nightloop side and has also made it up to the 2km turnaround on Clearwater.

The grooming is looking good considering the state of our trails before the snow started falling. It’s safe to say the Apex-Cottonwood-Nightloop trails are in fair to good condition. Due to the late logging operations and plowing of Clearwater FSR, the conditions up Clearwater are rated as poor.  However, it would be considered by many to be good on ‘rock’ skis. Busk-Euphrates remains closed until further notice.

Snow is expected to diminish after midnight .  Ralph will set classic track where possible and the remaining trails will have seen fresh corduroy by morning.

Lisa will update our snowphone  Wednesday morning.  We are in the process of launching a live grooming update page so stay tuned!

If you still haven’t had your membership card printed or you require a new membership please speak with Lisa or Kjell at the Apex kiosk. We will aim to have the new card printer set up tomorrow afternoon if not earlier.

Please continue to be mindful of the trail conditions while out skiing. Despite the amount of snow received we are still running with a relatively thin base.

Full trail fees are in effect.

Jay Rusu
General Manager

December 5th, 2018 Trails Update

Good evening NNSC members!

We have finally accumulated enough snow on the Night loop, Apex and Cottonwood trails to begin prepping the base with the BR-180.

Grooming staff are doing their best to get the trails on the Apex side ready for skiing.

Logging operations up Clearwater  and Canopy clearing on Busk-Euphrates ended after our last significant snowfall, therefore those trails will not be ready for skiing until we have another significant snowfall event.

Most of us are anxious to get skiing and winters late arrival isn’t helping. We appreciate your continued patience in remaining off the trails until we have adequate snow  and ensured trail hazards have been mitigated.

Stay tuned folks and LET IT SNOW!!

Jason Rusu, General Manager