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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

We received approximately 5 cm of fresh snow at the Club overnight. We are currently working on packing and grooming with the snowcat on the Apex trails. We’ll assess trail conditions and potentially set track with the sled/ginzu later on this morning.

The Club is currently CLOSED. Please stay off the trails for the time being as Grooming operations are currently in progress. If we are able to open trails later today, we will post an update to let you know.

IMPORTANT: there is active logging taking place up Clearwater until December 1, so it is not recommended to park in the Busk parking area at this time.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We are as eager to ski as anyone, and the day is quickly approaching.


Sunday, November 21, 2020

Nelson Nordic is very close to having a few trails open but we need a little more snow yet.

We managed to pack and groom a bit on the Apex side with the sled and ginzu yesterday, with some promising results, but the conditions are very uneven and we have decided to wait until we have a little more snow to open the trails.

There is a little snow in the forecast for the next few days, so with any luck we may be able to open a few trails on the Apex side by mid-week.

Exciting times! Stay tuned for further updates!


Saturday, November 21, 2020

A little fresh snow (3-5 cm) fell at Club elevation overnight, so we are going to attempt packing with the sled today on the Apex side. If conditions warrant it, after the packing is done, we may also attempt a little grooming with the sled/ginzu. Please stay tuned for further updates. With any luck, opening day will not be too far in the future!

Please stay off the Apex trails today as we work on the packing. The Club is not yet open.

Given the forecast for cooler temperatures in the days ahead, we hope that packing the fresh snow that has accumulated will help us retain a good base for grooming operations once we are open.

Please note: Clearwater Trail is closed at this time due to active logging taking place up Clearwater. There may be fast-moving trucks on the road, even on weekends. It is not recommended to use Clearwater Forest Service Road for activities until after active logging has ceased.


At Nelson Nordic Ski Club, our School Outreach Program has been serving regional schools for 10 years! We host school groups of all ages and abilities on weekdays from January through mid-March. Our groups range from kindergarten to high school aged and from never skied to veterans of the program. The program aims to build enthusiasm for cross country skiing through skill development and lots of fun and games!

We are seeking qualified instructors to provide quality cross-country ski instruction that is appropriate to participants’ age and ability, while helping them build skills and have fun. The instructor will work collaboratively with other instructors to ensure the smooth flow of programming and may also work independently to coach students, run games and supervise ski groups on the trails. A strong foundation in cross country skiing is an asset, as well as experience working with kids and youth in outdoor or recreational settings. There is lots of creativity in adapting to daily conditions and student and group needs.

Duties and responsibilities, include:

  • Manage groups of up to 30 students of varying ages in all winter conditions.
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively in small instructor teams to run cohesive ski sessions.
  • Facilitate orientation to the ski center and the process of outfitting kids with equipment.
  • Facilitate games, ski drills and activities that are fun and age appropriate for kids while also building foundational ski skills.
  • Integrate classic ski technique coaching into classes and activities
  • Set up and take down any props used to run games and drills.
  • Sanitize equipment and high touch surfaces in the warming hut between each group.
  • Work with teachers to identify and deliver group specific needs and requests.
  • Represent Nelson Nordic both to school groups and the public while on duty, this includes upholding and role modelling the school outreach program’s covid-19 practices.
  • Attend to any first aid needs that arise during program and seek appropriate help.
  • Other duties as required.

The ideal candidate has…

  • Experience working with kids and youth.
  • Experience facilitating outdoor and educational programming.
  • Experience managing groups in dynamic environments with minimal supervision.
  • Experience cross-country skiing, ideally experience teaching or coaching classic technique.
  • Passion and creativity for fun, games and skill building.
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills.
  • Cross-country ski coaching certifications an asset.
  • Minimum a standard first aid certification, wilderness first aid or occupational first aid training would be an asset.
  • This position requires a criminal record check.

Working Hours and Conditions

This season we will have up to two groups of 30 students each program day (Tuesday to Friday). There will be one morning and one afternoon session, each two hours long. Instructors typically work both sessions, arriving at 8am and wrapping up by 3pm.

The flow of the day includes:

  • a brief planning meeting with co-instructors and set up for program in the morning;
  • morning session from 9-11am;
  • some work over lunch to sanitize the hut and shared equipment and reset for the next program;
  • afternoon session from 12-2pm;
  • clean up from the day’s activities

There will also be mandatory staff training and season prep days late December and/or early January (dates tbd)


Starting pay for this position will be $15 per hour. Instructors committing to sufficient work hours will also receive a Nelson Nordic ski pass for the season.

If you are interested in applying to this position, or would like to request more information please send a brief cover letter and resume to Julie Bremner, School Outreach Program Coordinator, at