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With the support of more than 300 donors, including local businesses, an anonymous benefactor and significant grants, Nelson Nordic Ski Club has purchased a new snowcat to groom its cross-country ski trail system.

Our Love Your Club fundraising campaign brought in more than $30,000 in donations from local supporters attracted by the prospect of a long-term relationship with deep, luscious classic tracks and firm, rippling corduroy. Thank you all for your amazing generosity and sense of community spirit!

The PistenBully 100 snowcat we have purchased boasts better grooming performance, improved reliability, operator ease of use, and is more environmentally friendly than the Club’s older machines, offering both better fuel economy and lower emissions with its 250 horsepower Tier IV engine.

The Club owes a huge debt of gratitude to past-president Louise Poole and current board director Katie Weir, both of whom were instrumental in securing grants from various organizations, including regional and municipal governments. We also recognize the contributions of current board member Christine Nichol and volunteer graphic designer Nichola Lytle (Pink Dog Designs) for their clever and fun contributions to the recent fundraising campaign.

An anonymous benefactor made a very generous contribution, which includes matching funds for the $30,000 in individual donations, helping put us in a position to purchase a new snowcat before the end of the current season. The Club also acknowledges the generous support of Columbia Basin Trust, the Regional District of Central Kootenay (including specific contributions from Areas A, E, F, H and I), the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust, and the City of Nelson, British Columbia.

While the campaign has met its goal, it is not too late to make a tax-deductible contribution through Nordiq Canada at

Donations may also be made by cash, credit or debit card at the Club’s trailhead kiosks at Apex and Busk.

Photo: Members of the Nelson Nordic Ski Team celebrate the purchase of a PistenBully 100 to keep the Club’s trails groomed for years to come. Thanks to coach Andrew Chewter for the pic!


Saturday, February 27th

No snow fell last night, only the moonlight shone down during the “Snow Moon” of February.

The newly groomed and moonlight soaked corduroy and classic lanes await you throughout the entire trail system – All of Busk, Apex and Clearwater. As of 6:50am the groomer only has the stadium and the Night Cr Loop left to finish!

Current temperature is -8c and winds are calm. The forecast is calling for a sunny day with a high of +3c.

Why does the Moon look bigger near the horizon? ~ Apparently, it is an optical illusion and scientists refer to this as the Moon Illusion.


Friday, February 26th

There was about 6cm that fell last night and a dusting has landed atop the grooming. It looks like it will be a gorgeous day up at the Nordic Club!

Busk and Clearwater are complete with fresh classic and skate. As of 7am the groomer is completing Apex loop, Night Cr. Loop, Cottonwood and the Stadium for both classic and skate lanes.

Current temperature is -2*C and no snow is falling. The forecast for today is a chance of flurries/ showers (let’s hope not) with sun and cloud, and a high of 1*C or 2*C.

Have yourself a fantastic friday!


February 25, 2021

Good Morning Nelson Nordic team,

As of 07:45 the conditions are -3 Celsius and snowing heavily. Accumulations overnight are about 10cm or 4″. Predicted daytime highs will be +1 Celsius with snow to continue throughout the day.

Mark is again our groomer today, and he has completed Busk/Euphrates and Clearwater, and is redoing Busk/Euphrates again right now, as so much snow has fallen since he started. Apex side will take place after Busk/Euphrates is completed. Be careful when skiing around the Grooming Machine! Give the machine lots of space.

Skiing has a long history in the Nordic Countries, dating back as much as 4000 years in Finland. But skiing may have taken place much farther into the distant pass in the Altai mountains of Inner Mongolia, in what is today Northern China, where it may date back possibly 10,000 years. Watch this interesting clip and enjoy the interesting ancient single pole technique, still used today in this region!


February 24, 2021

Good Morning Nelson Nordic,

Current conditions at our club (07:00am) is just a squeak above -12 Celsius. Skies are clear and winds are calm. Predicted day time highs will be +3 degrees Celsius with skies remaining clear.

Mark is grooming away at the moment. Again the grooming is challenging with the thaw and refreezing. But like yesterday, he did a great job, and the trails were excellent. I suspect today will be the same. Busk/Euphrates is complete and he is working his way up Clearwater at the moment. Shortly after he will move over to the Apex side.

As the Kiosk attendant most people I deal with have far more experience skiing than I do. But often I help people who are new to skiing and you can see they are falling in love with the sport, but are frustrated at this time of year when snow conditions get sticky. Often they are using waxless skis, which has an unfortunate name as it should be read as Wax Less not waxless. I hate to see these skiers with ten pound of sticky snow stuck to their wax pocket. So remember Wax Less skis still need glide wax on the tips and tails, but on sticky days run a light coating of glide wax, from the front to the back over the scales, to prevent snow sticking to this area.