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Summer News


NNSC applied for a CBT Recreation Infrastructure Grant and received $15,350.  These funds will be matched by NNSC and used to relocate and resurface some of our bridges we ski on to go over creeks along the trails.  We will also be re stabilizing the river’s edge in one area along the Salmo River where the water is washing away the land and our trails.  We really appreciate the support that CBT has provided for this work.

We’ve hired Farm Gate Projects Ltd (Darcy Fear) as a contractor for the project. He is working with Masse Environmental Consultants and Les Thiessen on this project. We’ve also had a generous donation from Selkirk Paving Ltd of lock blocks to support our bridges in the creek and river beds. spl

As well, Yellowhead Road and Bridge are providing us with some fill for the river stabilization.  Thanks to all businesses for their support in helping us upgrade our ski trail bridges. yrb

We’d also like to say thank you to Kalesnikoff Lumber who have been logging along our Busk and Clearwater trails.  They have done a nice job of clearing and widening one of our ski trails and will support us in the fall when they come back to clean up by delimbing some trees to open up the canopy.  They have also provided us with a load of firewood. kalesnikoff

Pictures of the new loop 1 on Clearwater/Busk.Loop1Clearwater Loop1ClearwaterA Loop1Clearwaterb