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Sunday, January 24, 2021

As of 6 am, grooming operations are complete. We have refreshed skate lanes on Clearwater main trail, Busk, Euphrates, Apex, Night Loop and Cottonwood Rail Grade. We have also reset classic tracks on Busk Euphrates.

Trails are generally in good condition, though with no snowfall for several days we are starting to see some degradation of the classic tracks in places. We need some fresh snow, which, fortuitously, is in the forecast for today.

Our Jackrabbits program is based out of Apex on Sundays. Please park at Busk until 10:15 am if you are not associated with the program. Our Track Attack program is based out of Busk on Sundays and will be skiing there from 10am to 12 noon.

Today, the Track Attack athletes will be conducting some informal time trials and we will be closing the middle section of Euphrates as a finishing zone. (The middle section is the part that cuts through the forest away from the river. It is not frequently used.) If you see them going for it, please give them a big cheer. These kids are training hard this year despite no promise of formal, organized races. They need our support!


Saturday, January 23, 2021

With little fresh snow to work with, grooming conditions have been a bit challenging but we are happy to report that trails are in overall good condition for both classic and skate skiing this morning.

As of 7:30 am, we have reset skate lanes throughout Clearwater and Busk Euphrates networks and set new classic tracks on both lower Clearwater and Busk Euphrates.

We are now finishing up on Apex side, refreshing just the skate lanes unless the classic tracks demand a refresh.We have small-group, socially distanced Adult lessons at Apex from 10 to 12 this morning.

It’s COLD today. Air temperature is currently around -12C, and it will feel colder in the wind. Dress appropriately for the conditions and keep moving to stay warm.

Enjoy the sunshine and have a great ski!


Friday, January 22, 2021

Our primary snowcat is back up and running, and we have refreshed grooming on Apex, Cottonwood Rail Grade, Night Loop and Busk, Euphrates. These trails are in good to excellent condition for classic and skate skiing.

Clearwater remains in good condition and we will refresh grooming on that network tonight, for the weekend.

Air Temperature as of 7:00 am is a chilly -12C, and it’s a bit windy. Forecast high today around -5C.

A little further work is required on our snowcat, and we will schedule that for next week.


Thursday, January 21, 2021

With no fresh snow, trails remain in good condition after yesterday’s grooming.

Temperature is currently -9C, with a high today around -4C.

Grooming will be refreshed again overnight tonight.

Work to repair our primary grooming machine should begin today. Parts are scheduled to arrive by courier sometime today.


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

We received a trace of fresh snow overnight, and the team has been out grooming with our older snowcat and setting classic track with the sled and ginzu.

We’ve refreshed Busk, Euphrates, Clearwater main trail, Clearwater bypass, Apex, Cottonwood, Night Loop and the teaching stadium. Trails are in fair to good condition for classic and skate skiing.

Parts for our main snowcat have been ordered and are on their way to Nelson.