4cm wet snow over night…0 Degrees.

We are excited to announce the early opening of some of our trails – 4cm of wet snow overnight…0 degrees…Night Lights will remain off until further notice…We are unable to work on the Clearwater Trail until Dec.01 due to active logging…offering 1/2 price trail fees of $7.00 until further notice…..stay tuned…
Grooming Report

TRAILS                                         DATE         UPDATE         CONDITION

Night Loop                                 NOV. 16                       Good – Classic & Skate
Cottonwood                             NOV.16                         Good -Classic  & Skate
Cottonwood Main Loop    NOV.16                         Good-Classic & Skate
Cottonwood Field Loop(s CLOSED                                  CLOSED
Camp Busk Loop NOV.16 Packed                                     CLOSED
Euphrates NOV.16 Packed                                                    CLOSED
Clearwater              CLOSED UNTIL DEC.01                  CLOSED
Loop 2                        CLOSED UNTIL DEC.01                  CLOSED
Loop 3                        CLOSED UNTIL DEC.01                  CLOSED
Loop 4                        CLOSED UNTIL DEC.01                   CLOSED

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