January 8th Trails Update

January 8th, 2019
-8 degrees overnight with no new snow. -11 degrees at 9am
Trail assessment by Jay Rusu complete at 10:00am
All main trails have been groomed and trackset and are in excellent condition this morning.
Segments not groomed last night were all of Busk- Euphrates, Clearwater above 4.5km and the Clearwater Bypass and Loops. These trails remain in very good condition and did not require grooming. There is about 15mm of fresh snow over the grooming above 4.5km above Clearwater.
Clearwater up to 4.5km is in the best condition so far this season!
It’s excellent conditions for classic kick waxing today and the tracks are in great shape. Skate skiers, you won’t be disappointed either.
Clearwater: Classic/Skate – Excellent
Apex: Classic/Skate – Excellent
Cottonwood: Classic/Skate – Excellent
Cottonwood and Field Loop: Classic/Skate – Excellent
Night Loop: Classic/Skate – Excellent
Happy Skiing!

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