January 24th Trails Update


January 24th, 2019


As some have noticed, Clearwater has not been groomed during the last two shifts, more than is typically acceptable.

Management and grooming staff adjust trail maintenance priorities based on weather (both current and forecast) as well as on frequency of member use and program needs. The decision to omit grooming Clearwater on Jan 22 was based on program needs and mid week rates of member visits to Clearwater.

Last night however, Clearwater was not groomed again in favour of performing trail renovation work on Busk/Euphrates, prior to the forecast of a few days of warm and sunny weather. This preemptive ‘reno’ work allows for more efficient grooming at the low elevations during the warm periods. In the case of Clearwater Trails, due to the elevation and cooler temperatures, can still be groomed back to an acceptable standard without too much effort after two days of new snow.

On that note, Clearwater will be groomed this evening

Going forward management and grooming staff will aim to ensure that a particular reach of trail is not left un-groomed for more than one shift.

Thank you.

Jay Rusu, General Manager

-5 degrees overnight with no new snow. -7 degrees at 8:17am

The following trails have been groomed for SKATE and CLASSIC and are in excellent condition this morning:

Night Loop: Excellent

Night Creek Loop: Excellent

Terrain Park: Excellent

Apex: Excellent

Cottonwood: Excellent

Cottonwood Loop: Excellent

Field Loop: Excellent

Busk: Excellent

Camp Busk Loop: Excellent

Busk Connector: Excellent

Euphrates: Excellent

Clearwater main, bypass and loops have not been groomed,

Happy Skiing!

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