Saturday, November 21, 2020

A little fresh snow (3-5 cm) fell at Club elevation overnight, so we are going to attempt packing with the sled today on the Apex side. If conditions warrant it, after the packing is done, we may also attempt a little grooming with the sled/ginzu. Please stay tuned for further updates. With any luck, opening day will not be too far in the future!

Please stay off the Apex trails today as we work on the packing. The Club is not yet open.

Given the forecast for cooler temperatures in the days ahead, we hope that packing the fresh snow that has accumulated will help us retain a good base for grooming operations once we are open.

Please note: Clearwater Trail is closed at this time due to active logging taking place up Clearwater. There may be fast-moving trucks on the road, even on weekends. It is not recommended to use Clearwater Forest Service Road for activities until after active logging has ceased.

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