April 7, 2021

Good Morning Skiers,

Conditions at our club, as of 07:15 are, -2 Celsius with overcast skies and light wind. No new snow fell overnight. Predicted day time highs are +9 Celsius with overcast skies to continue.

Busk main trail and Euphrates have been groomed. Eastern Busk and the connector have been closed for the season. This is due to thin coverage. This was effective as of yesterday afternoon. Clearwater is also groomed, as well as Moose and Cabin loops. Wolverine Loop is being deactivated , due to being melted out. Clearwater is in fine condition still. On the Apex side cottonwood and the Rail Grade have been groomed as well as the Night Loop. Apex is being decommissioned, as it is getting thin and has lots of material down on the trail, since the last snowfall is a distant memory.

On this day in 1706, Johann Pachelbel passed away. Pachelbel was a German composer of the early Baroque Period and was a huge influence on J.S. Bach. Pachelbel even composed the music for Bach’s older brother’s wedding. Pachelbel is not as well known as Bach, but everybody, probably have heard his most important composition, Canon in D. It has been in movies and many events and graduation ceremonies. Often the Canon in D is played with accompanying Piano, but Pachelbel probably never saw a piano as he died only 6 years after its invention. Originally it would have been played with a Harpsicord, Organ or Clavier.

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