Saturday, April 10th

Winter isn’t over yet! It is good news for all of us snow lovers! Currently (6:30am) it is snowing and 0C at the Club. For the rest of today it will likely be clouds, with maybe a little sun, and a chance of snow/showers, depending on the freezing level. Smart people are telling me that the freezing level will stay below the Nordic Club trails for today, which is fantastic news!

Trails groomed and primed for skiing: Busk, without the east fork (which is closed for the season), Euphrates, Camp Busk, Clearwater main with the bypass, Cabin loop, Moose loop, Cottonwood, East half of Apex (west side closed), and the Night loop.

The trails today will have a layer of freshly fallen snow on top of the grooming… plan accordingly! The conditions are good in Busk and Apex area, but our groomer, Mark says that it is pretty awesome up Clearwater


Fact of the Day: Modern skiing has its origins in the county of Telemark in the 19th century, but an ancient rock carving at Rødøy in Nordland county shows that Norwegians used skis as far back as 4,000 years ago. The oldest preserved ski excavated is a 2,300-year old one found in Finnmark in far northern Norway.


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