April 11, 2021

Good Morning,
Conditions at our club, this morning at 07:21AM are -5 Celsius, partly cloudy and calm winds. We received some fresh snow during the day yesterday, which should make for some nicely refreshed trails. Predicted daytime highs are +7 Celsius and mostly sunny skies.

Alida is grooming this morning and she has completed Clearwater, including all the loops, except Wolverine. Busk Main and Euphrates is also complete, and on the Apex side she has completed Cottonwood the Night loop and she is working on the Rail Grade at the time of this writing. Thanks Alida!

On this day in 1814, Napoleon abdicated for the first time, after being defeated at an absolutely gigantic and horrific battle near Leipzig Germany. He was exiled to the Isle of Elba in the Mediterranean where he was the Emperor of this tiny Island. In just under a year, he became bored, returned to France to great acclaim from the army, and proceeded to take up where he left off. This lasted for 111 days where he was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium, in July 1815. He was then exile to the Isle of St. Helena in the South Atlantic, under constant guard.

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