Youth Programs

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The emphasis of our programs is having fun, developing basic cross country ski skills and encouraging a life‐long interest in the sport.
These programs are designed to:

  • Enable continued ski development which began with our School Outreach programs
  • Help children develop confidence & a positive self image while having fun!
  • Provide children an opportunity to make new friends
  • Develop fundamental movement skills
  • Help children develop an appreciation of our natural environment
  • Help children develop outdoor winter safety skills

View details and prices here: NNSC Youth Program Brochure 2019-20

You can register online, or download the forms below and bring them to one of our fall registration events (see calendar).

Financial Assistance:

Want a little help affording your kid’s cross-country ski program?  Cross-Country Skiing is one of many sports funded by Jump Start.

Click here to find out more and apply for funding!

Youth Program Forms:

For information please email

B.C. Rabbits (Age 4 & 5)
Designed to introduce young children to the sport of
cross country skiing and a healthy lifestyle.
The focus is on balance and learning basic skills.

Jackrabbit Program (Ages 6-10)
Children grouped by age and ability within 4 levels and can join at any age.
Skiers get a booklet to record levels of achievement.
A typical session might be: goofy warm-up games, a ski obstacle course, technical instruction, a fun group ski, a brief soccer game on skis! Sessions close with a hot drink and snack.
Special events are ski orienteering and Racing Rocks Jamboree.

Track Attack (TA) (age 9-12)
Cross Country Canada’s Track Attack program is designed to promote the continued development of physical literacy, fitness and the love of the sport. Skiers are grouped according to ability and the program will run 2 days a week. All ability levels welcome.
The program will start with dryland games to get kids active and developing a sense of team spirit! (ultimate frisbee, track and field frolics, skating, soccer, hike to Pulpit – just having fun!)

This program is designed to:

  • Be fun
  • Develop fitness through active play, games and other activities
  • Provide children an opportunity to be part of a sport “team”
  • Develop competence in ski skills
  • Expose children to “adventure-based” cross-country ski activities

Parent Volunteers:
We need one parent per family to volunteer in some capacity with these programs:
coaching, parent -helper, serving hot chocolate, phoning, or organizing an event.
You can choose on the registration form. Thanks!

Coaching Courses for Jackrabbit Parents:
We really need parents to take these courses and help out with coaching.
The CC course focuses on technique so it is a great way to improve your own skiing skills too!
Courses are free for club members willing to volunteer.

Introduction to Community Coaching
This 10-hour course is recommended for parents wishing to coach or help coach.
The ICC course content is orientated to entry-level children (Bunnies and Level 1).

Community Coaching (CC)
The Community Coaching (CC) course is 16 hours and has an on-snow component to it. The ICC course is a pre-requisite. These courses are organized through the Cross Country BC (CCBC) Community Coaching Program.
You don’t have to be an expert skier, just willing to take one or both of the CCBC courses (Introduction to
Community Coaching and Community Coaching) and of course have fun with kids!

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