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Trails in good to excellent condition for classic and skate skiing after grooming yesterday morning. Trails may be icy this morning and will soften up as the day progresses.

We’re into a freeze/thaw cycle, with minimal precipitation in the forecast. We plan to groom the trails again overnight or tomorrow morning keep them fresh despite limited snowfall.


Entire trail system groomed early this morning for classic and skate skiing. Skate lanes are in excellent condition.

Unfortunately, we encountered an issue with the tracksetting equipment on the grooming machine part way through grooming operations this morning, so there may be a few places on both Clearwater and on Busk Euphrates where the classic tracks are either undefined or completely absent for a few metres.

Also, due to this mechanical issue, grooming was not refreshed on the side loops up Clearwater (i.e., Moose, Wolverine and Cabin Loops).

We apologize and hope this is not too great an inconvenience. We aim to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Beautiful day for a ski! Enjoy it!