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February 23, 2021

Good morning Skiers,

Currently as of 06:35am temperatures at our club are -2 Celsius and partly cloudy. Snow accumulation overnight has been 2mm. Predicted daytime highs are +3 Celsius with partly sunny skies. Lets be thankful for the snow.

Mark is grooming Clearwater soon, and has already completed Apex, Cottonwood the night loop, Stadium, and Busk/Euphrates. The grooming is challenging with the variable weather so let Mark know our appreciation.

If you want to know which God to thank for yesterdays rain turning to snow overnight, it is actually a Goddess. In Norse legend Skaði (pronounced Ska-di) is the giant turned goddess who hunts and skis in the mountains. She was accepted into the Aesir (realm of the gods) when she married Njörðr (Njord) the god of the sea. The marriage didn’t last as Skadi couldn’t stand the sea and Njord didn’t like being in the mountains. I guess the lesson is a skier should never marry a surfer.


February 22, 2021

Good Morning Skiers, Current conditions at our club (06:45am) are +0.2 degrees Celsius partly overcast and winds light.. Predicted daytime highs will be +4 Celsius 40% chance of precipitation (fingers crossed its snow).

All trails, on the Apex side have been groomed, and it looks like Jason is grooming Clearwater right now. He tells me he will refresh the classic tracks on Busk after finishing Clearwater. Bjorn Daehlie, the Norwegian athlete, was the most successful Male cross country skier in the history of the sport.

It was on this day in 1998, at the Nagano Olympics, I remember watching him in amazement, as he sprinted the last half kilometer of the 50KM Freestyle, beating Swedish skier Niklas Jonsson, by a mere 8.1 seconds, and winning the Gold Medal. His final time was 2:05:08.2.

It takes me 1:30:00 to ski 13km back to Mountain Station from Apex. Watch the finish here


February 21, 2021

Good Morning Nelson Nordic Team,

Current conditions as of 06:30am are -3 Celsius and snowing heavily. snow accumulation over the last 12 hours is 2cm. Predicted day time highs should be +2 Celsius with continued snow and some gusty winds later in the day.

Grooming is complete on all the trails on the Apex side, and grooming is taking place on Clearwater at the moment, with Busk/Euphrates to follow.

Enjoy the trails!


Saturday, February 20th

It is snowing lightly and -4*C at 6:30am. A small amount has snowed on top of the grooming, about 2cm.

All trails and side loops have been groomed by Mark operating our beautiful new PistenBully 100 for classic and skate. It sounds like the trails are poised for skier action!

The forecast for today is a mainly cloudy with a high of 0*C and a low chance of precipitation… until about 5pm. The snow is predicted to begin then and continue to fall into Sunday, with about 8cm by tomorrow morning.

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” ~ Yoda


Friday, February 19th

As of 8:00am there has been 13 cm of new snow and still coming down. Mark, our groomer has completed both the classic and skate lanes on Clearwater main, Busk, Euphrates, and on the Apex side; Cottonwood, Night Creek Loop, the Stadium and the Apex Loop are fully groomed. There will be a few cm of snow on top of the grooming as of 8:00am, more on it’s way later today!

Current temperature is -5*C at the Club, with a high of -3*C predicted. Snow will continue to fall throughout the day today with chance of flurries right through till tomorrow.


Enjoy the trails!