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Trails and Grooming Update

Sunday April 9, 2023

Good Morning folks,

As of 7:45am the temperature at our club is +2c and overcast. Weather this morning may be largely cloudy with some blue sky poking through. This will change in the afternoon to cloudy with possibly some precipitation. Temperature should peak at +10c by mid afternoon.

This is Mitch’s last day grooming this season. He has completed Clearwater including all loops, and is in Busk right now. He should be done in the next hour. Thanks Mitch, for all the hard work!

We have decided not to groom tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for any future grooming updates. We will assess based on weather conditions.

Trails and Grooming Update

Saturday April 8, 2023

Good Morning,

The temperature at our club, as of 7:25am is +2c with overcast skies. There was rain earlier this morning, but this has abated for now and should hold until early afternoon, when showers will continue.

Grooming is finished and Clearwater minus loops and Busk/Euphrates minus loops has been refreshed.

Trails and Grooming Update

Friday April 7, 2023

Good Morning Skiers and happy good Friday,
The time is 8:01am and the temperatures is +1c . Skies are overcast and precipitation is predicted through the day. It may fall as snow or it may be rain. The temperature should peak at +8c in mid afternoon.

Clearwater is groomed minus the loops and Busk/Euphrates is also groomed minus it’s loops. We also did the night loop on the Apex side.

We will reassess grooming tomorrow morning, based on what we get for precipitation through the day today.

Have a good Easter weekend!

Trails and Grooming Update

Thursday April 6, 2023

Good Morning Skiers,
The time is 7:08am and the temperatures is -1c . Skies are a mix of sun and cloud and should become progressively more cloudy, until it becomes overcast by late morning with a chance of precipitation in late afternoon. The temperature should peak at +9c this afternoon.

Grooming is complete for the morning. Clearwater minus loops and Busk/Euphrates minus loops are refreshed. Apex largely ungroomed today.

Trails and Grooming Update

Wednesday April 5, 2023

Good Morning Skiers,As of 6:56am the temperatures is -7c at the Kiosk and -10.5c at the top of Clearwater. Skies are a mix of sun and cloud, leaning more towards sunny. Skies will get progressively cloudier by late afternoon with a chance of flurries.

Grooming is almost complete for the day. Clearwater is refreshed including all loops and Busk/Euphrates just about complete with only Camp Busk loop left undone.Should be a great day for skiing!