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April 13, 2021

Good Morning Nelson Nordic,

It is nearly the middle of April and we are still skiing, amazing!Conditions at our club are, nearly -5 Celsius and clear skies and calm winds, with no new snow overnight. Predicted daytime highs are +11 Celsius with clear skies to continue.

Alida is grooming today. She has completed Clearwater, including all loops except Wolverine, and Busk/Euphrates main trail is also complete. On the Apex side, Night Loop is complete, and after grooming on the Busk side, the Rail Grade and Cottonwood will be done. Alida tells me it is a bit icy on the first 1 km of Clearwater and the West fork of Busk. She also tells me that she counts upper Clearwater as good and all other trails fair! Thanks Alida!

Our trails are shared with a number of species of wildlife. There is a population of Elk that frequents the area, this also means that predators will be in the area. Recently some cougar tracks were spotted on one of our trails. Leo DeGroot, our board member and local biologist, will sometimes count wolf tracks up Clearwater. Coyotes are common in most areas, and like to den near our Cottonwood trail. And of course in a few weeks Grizzly bears will move into the General Apex area to feed on spring growth. Just be aware that these species are present and know that they are most active at dusk and dawn, dawn being the best time to ski right now.


April 12, 2021

Good Morning,

Conditions at our club, as of 07:03AM are -3 Celsius with mostly sunny skies and calm winds, with no new snow overnight. Predicted daytime high is +10 Celsius with a mix of sun and cloud.

Mark is grooming this morning and he tells me Clearwater is complete including all loops, except for Wolverine. Conditions on this trail are good and get even better the higher you get. Busk/Euphrates Main trail and Camp loop are also done. On the Apex side, Cottonwood, Apex and Night Loop are all complete and are in Fair condition. Thanks Mark!

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” Henry David Thoreau


April 11, 2021

Good Morning,
Conditions at our club, this morning at 07:21AM are -5 Celsius, partly cloudy and calm winds. We received some fresh snow during the day yesterday, which should make for some nicely refreshed trails. Predicted daytime highs are +7 Celsius and mostly sunny skies.

Alida is grooming this morning and she has completed Clearwater, including all the loops, except Wolverine. Busk Main and Euphrates is also complete, and on the Apex side she has completed Cottonwood the Night loop and she is working on the Rail Grade at the time of this writing. Thanks Alida!

On this day in 1814, Napoleon abdicated for the first time, after being defeated at an absolutely gigantic and horrific battle near Leipzig Germany. He was exiled to the Isle of Elba in the Mediterranean where he was the Emperor of this tiny Island. In just under a year, he became bored, returned to France to great acclaim from the army, and proceeded to take up where he left off. This lasted for 111 days where he was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium, in July 1815. He was then exile to the Isle of St. Helena in the South Atlantic, under constant guard.


Saturday, April 10th

Winter isn’t over yet! It is good news for all of us snow lovers! Currently (6:30am) it is snowing and 0C at the Club. For the rest of today it will likely be clouds, with maybe a little sun, and a chance of snow/showers, depending on the freezing level. Smart people are telling me that the freezing level will stay below the Nordic Club trails for today, which is fantastic news!

Trails groomed and primed for skiing: Busk, without the east fork (which is closed for the season), Euphrates, Camp Busk, Clearwater main with the bypass, Cabin loop, Moose loop, Cottonwood, East half of Apex (west side closed), and the Night loop.

The trails today will have a layer of freshly fallen snow on top of the grooming… plan accordingly! The conditions are good in Busk and Apex area, but our groomer, Mark says that it is pretty awesome up Clearwater


Fact of the Day: Modern skiing has its origins in the county of Telemark in the 19th century, but an ancient rock carving at Rødøy in Nordland county shows that Norwegians used skis as far back as 4,000 years ago. The oldest preserved ski excavated is a 2,300-year old one found in Finnmark in far northern Norway.



Friday, April 9th

The temperature at 6:30am is -3C and no new snow has fallen overnight. The forecast is for a chance of flurries/showers all day with a high of +4C.

The trails groomed for today are: Clearwater main, along with Moose loop and Cabin loop, Cottonwood trail, the Rail grade, Night Loop, Busk, Euphrates and Camp Busk. The East fork on Busk trail remains closed for the season, but is open from the hill onwards.

Trails are generally in good condition for skate and classic.

Have a wonderful ski!