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January 1st 2019 Trail Update

January 1st, 2019
Thank you for your patience with our web and Facebook updates as ‘all hands are on deck’ to complete daily grooming without use of the Husky. The parts for the Husky are en- route and our primary groomer should be back in service by the weekend.
The NNSC snowphone (250-354-4292) continues to be updated in a timely fashion by Lisa. Please call the snowphone for the latest trail conditions until our main machine is operational and early morning web updates can resume.
Trail status:
-5 degrees overnight with trace amounts of new snow. New skate lane grooming and classic tracksetting was completed by 10:00am today with a temperature of -4 degrees.
  • Clearwater and first hill Bypass : Classic- Good/Skate grooming is Excellent to 4.5km. The skate lane above 4.5km was not groomed as it remains in good condition this morning.
  • Apex: Classic-Good/Skate – Excellent
  • Night Loop: Classic-Good/Skate – Excellent
  • Cottonwood, Cottonwood loop and Field loop: Classic-Good/Skate – Excellent
  •  Busk and Euphrates: Classic-Good/Skate – Excellent
Enjoy the first day of 2019!!

December 28th Trails Update

December 28th, 2018
-4 degrees overnight, -6 degrees with no new snow and new grooming at 7:00am
The following trails have been groomed for skate AND classic:
  • Clearwater, Bypass and Loops: Classic/Skate – Excellent, (Bypass in good condition)
  • Apex: Classic/Skate -Excellent
  • Night Loop: Classic/Skate – Excellent
  • Cottonwood: Classic/Skate – Excellent
  • Cottonwood Loop: Classic/Skate – Good
  • Field Loop: Classic/Skate – Good
  •  Busk: Classic/Skate – Good
  •  Camp Busk Loop: Classic/Skate – Good
 Euphrates and Busk connector both remain in good shape from yesterday and were not groomed.
Happy skiing!

New Years Eve at Nelson Nordic Ski Club!

Happy Holidays from the Nelson Nordic Club!
The Nelson Nordic night loop will remain lit from 4:30 pm on New Years Eve to 1:15 am on New Years Day for those skiers wishing to ring in the New Year on their skis!
If you choose to ski off the night loop onto the unlit trails it is recommended that you wear a headlamp.
Nelson Nordic Members are welcome to ski the trails New Years Eve! Non-Members, please deposit your trail fees at the Apex or Busk vaults.
We would also like to remind all skiers that they are required to sign in before skiing.
This is an alcohol free event to please leave your alcoholic beverages at home.