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Trails and Grooming Update

Thursday March 23, 2023

Good Morning All,

This morning, at 6:40am temperatures are -7c at Apex with mostly clear skies. It should remain sunny for the early morning and start to cloud over in late morning. Temperatures will rise to +6c by early afternoon and we may see fresh snow in the evening.

Grooming is complete on Cottonwood, Night Loop and Stadium and is ongoing on Clearwater. Following Clearwater will be Busk/Euphrates and finally Night loop and anything else remaining on the Apex side.


This is a great week to ski up Clearwater early! The before work teacher crowd are on spring break and sleeping in so less competition for first tracks.It is currently -6 C at 7:30 am. As usual Mitch started grooming at 2 am and is working on Busk Euphrates. Most other trails have already been completed. Trails will soften in the afternoon so get out there while the air is crisp and the snow is awesome!


Good morning, it’s -7C under clear skies at 7:00 am, and we are expecting sunshine and high temperatures reaching close to 10 degrees today. Another beautiful spring day for a ski!

Grooming is complete on Cottonwood and Clearwater should be wrapped up any minute now, followed by Busk Euphrates and the rest of Apex. Enjoy your ski!


Good morning, it’s -2C at 6 am, with highs well above zero expected again today. It’s the first day of spring and we have already been getting very good spring skiing conditions with the use of our renovator on the front of our snowcat. Grooming is complete on Cottonwood and we are currently up Clearwater, with Busk Euphrates to follow. Enjoy your ski!

Trails and Grooming Update

Sunday, March 19, 2023
Good Morning skiers,

It should be another beautiful, sunny day at our club. As of 6:16am the temperature is -2c. By late afternoon it will be close to +10c.

Cottonwood/Railgrade and Stadium have been groomed. The groomer has just started up Clearwater. Busk/Euphrates will follow at and the the remaining trails on the Apex side. Everything should be complete be 9am.