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Trail Conditions Feb. 18/16

..+1 degrees….rain overnight….Apex, Night Loops, Clearwater main trail were groomed last night for both classic and skate skiing….Cottonwood was groomed Feb. 17th….Loops1, 2, 3 & 4 on Clearwater were last groomed Feb.14th…trails are very soft and softened up even more as the day progresses with these warm/wet temperatures…Debris appearing on the canopied sections of all trails…some areas of trail erosion occurring on the Cottonwood and Euphrates trail, ski those areas with caution….Enjoy!!!

Trail Conditions Feb. 17/16

….just hovering below 0 degrees…no precipitation overnight…Apex, Night Loops, Cottonwood were groomed this a.m. for both classic and skate skiing….Groomer wanted to take advantage of these cooler temperatures this a.m. and headed over to groom Clearwater main trail, which will turn out quite nicely, if not,I will update these conditions once I receive his report..Busk/Euphrates was groomed Feb. 16…..Trails are in good condition and certainly soften up quite a bit as the day progresses…this will be the trend on the trails with these warmer temperatures….Enjoy!!!!

Trail Conditions Feb 16/16

…+3…rain overnight…this is what I know, the plan is to groom Clearwater, Loops 2, 3, & 4 and then upon further inspection grooming on the rest of the trail system will depend on the conditions eg: too soft to make improvements… Cottonwood, Busk/Euphrates, Apex and Night loops were groomed on Feb. 15. Water areas starting to expose due to these warm wet temperatures as at the Cottonwood/Apex jct…Loop2 on Clearwater…all trails are groomed for both classic and skate skiing..I will update when I receive any new information….Enjoy!!!!

Trail Conditions Feb. 15/16

..Rain,rain go away!!!!!…..+1 degrees…..rain overnight….After inspection, we are hoping to re open the Clearwater Trail late today at the earliest…there are several trees down @ 1.5km and we will be working on removing them and once this task is completed the trail will re open….Busk/Euphrates, Cottonwood, Apex and Night Loops were groomed this a.m. for both classic and skate skiing and in good condition…Trails are very soft with these warm wet temperatures…Classic skiing seems to be the best….Enjoy!!!