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Trail Conditions Mar. 06/16

…+3 degrees…raining…The SFU7 event is taking place today on the Clearwater trail- “The show must go on”!!!!….Busk/Euphrates, Cottonwood, Apex and Night Loops were groomed for classic and skate Mar.04….the skiing yesterday was “way better than what I thought, we just got a little wet” was the response on the trails …with warm/wet temperatures overnight which we are also expecting for today will certainly soften the trails….Enjoy!!!!

Trail Conditions Mar. 05/16

..+ 1 degree…lightly raining…Clearwater main trail, Busk/Euphrates, Apex, Night Loops and Cottonwood were groomed yesterday for both classic and skate skiing and in Fair-Good condition…The groomers came up with a plan, they disconnected the tiller from the Prinoth, and were able to use the mats on the back of the Prinoth to flatten the trails and use the track pan to set a classic track..Brilliant!!!!…this was able to achieve due to the cooler temperatures Thursday night…day by day…..Enjoy!!!!

Trail Conditions Mar. 04/16

…-1 degrees..some rain overnight, then dropped below 0 degrees, therefore, the trails got “rock hard”, therefore compact and icy….The plan for today is the grooming will be done with the sled/ginzu on the Apex side,and will begin when the trails soften…Busk/Euphrates was last groomed for classic and skate skiing on Mar.02-Clearwater main trail was groomed for skate only on Mar. 03…If time allows, the classic tracks will be set on Clearwater late afternoon….Grooming is a day by day decision at this time, weather permitting, and groomed with the sled/ginzu until the maintenance on the BR180 and Prinoth are completed….Enjoy!!!!

Updated conditions for Mar. 03/16

…”when it rains it pours”…..The BR180 is sitting on top of Clearwater unable to move due to a track issue, therfore, Clearwater will be CLOSED for today in order to bring the machine down to the shop….therefore, the grooming is as it was for Mar. 02 – Busk/Euphrates, Cottonwood main trail, Apex and Night Loops were groomed for both classic and skate skiing and in Fair-Good condition….Enjoy!!!!

Trail Conditions Mar. 03/16

…0 degrees…was still raining at 2:00 a.m…..Clearwater, Apex and Night Loops skate lanes are in the process of being groomed….Apex, Night Loops, Cottonwood main trail and Busk Euphrates were groomed for both classic and skate skiing on Mar. 02 and are in fair to good condition…trails are holding up quite well with these warm/wet temperatures….Reminder: The Slopes for Hopes event is on in full force for this Saturday , this is the first time the Nelson Nordic Ski Club is part of this fund raising event for Cancer. The SFU7 event happening on this Sunday is shaping up to be successful for it’s debut at the Nelson Nordic Ski Club…you can find more info on these events on our web page…check them out!!!!…..Enjoy!!!!