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Trail Conditions for Dec. 07 2015

“Challenging”…is the word for the grooming this a.m….10-20cm of heavy snow within the last 24 hours…Clearwater, Loop 2 & 3 as well as Night and Apex Loops for classic and skate skiing were just groomed…Fair conditions….pretty slow grooming process with these conditions, producing the best we can with what we have to work with….looking forward to some cooler temperatures…enjoy!!!!!

Trail conditions for Dec. 06 2015

what’s happening now…..since the groomer was finished at 2:00 a.m. there has been a snow accumulation of 8cm….whoohooo….the main parking lot at Clearwater has this heavy wet snow accumulation so access is becoming difficult…but by saying this the main road to the parking lot is still good, so parking is available, one will just have to walk to the base of the Clearwater Trail….with this new snow, the groomer will anticipate cooler temperatures this evening in the hopes to improve the conditions of Clearwater and be able to groom trails on the Apex side.I…keep checking in….

Trail Conditions Friday Dec. 04 2015

Rain, Rain ,Go Away….is all I can say…..yesterday started out very promising, but as the day progressed, the temperatures rose and then came the rain….the trails are VERY soft with this warm weather. At this time it is best to keep all equipment off the trails in order to hold onto what we have…We are expecting cooler temperatures with in the next few days, and at that time, the groomers will go out and hope to improve the trails conditions for some great skiing….

Trail Conditions for Dec. 03 2015

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow……with this snow that is accumulating today the groomers will be out packing the trail system…this means taking the equipment and driving over the trails and combining this new snow with the base we have…also pushing snow in any low lying areas of the trail system….they will continue to pack while the snow is accumulating…certainly looks promising to have additional trails opened by this week end…

Trail Update Nov. 25/15

Trail Update:Clearwater, L2 & L3 were groomed this a.m…..the main Clearwater trail is in good condition, some debris on the lower section of that trail…L2 & L3 was groomed, single pass only, due to the minimal snow accumulation in the canopied areas of those loops….the Night Loop to Cottonwood has been packed but certainly need more snow to improve the conditions of the rest of the trail system so the Apex side & Busk/Euphrates will remain CLOSED until more snow arrives……Clearwater main trail will be groomed with the sled/ginzu when required, and the classic tracks will be left untouched until further snow accumulation…..