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Well, friends, it’s our last day of grooming today and temperatures as of 6am are around -4C. Forecast is for cloudy skies today, with showers beginning later this morning.

Graham has groomed Clearwater main trail, Cabin Loop, Moose Loop, Busk rail grade and Euphrates.

Many thanks are due to our groomers, Graham, Mark and Jason, for a season of excellent grooming!

Enjoy the last day of groomed trails and thanks also to our members for an excellent season.

Trails and Grooming Update

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Good Morning,
Conditions at our club as of 7:00am is -1c with partly cloudy skies. There may be flurries this morning turning to periods of rain by the afternoon. Temperatures should rise to 6 or 7c by late afternoon.

Graham groomed the trail late last evening and completed Clearwater and Moose Loop for skate and classic. Busk/Euphrates main and Euphrates south loop were groomed and in fair condition. Catch the tracks while you still can, spring is nibbling away at our trails!

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Trails and Grooming Update

Sunday, April 16, 2022

Good Morning,

Conditions at our club as of 7:00am is -6.8c with clear skies and no fresh snow overnight. It will remain mostly sunny for the morning and early afternoon. It will become progressively more cloudy by late afternoon with a chance of some flurries into the evening. Temperatures should reach 7c by late afternoon.

Graham groomed late yesterday evening and refreshed Clearwater main, minus loops and Busk/Euphrates main, minus camp busk loop and East busk. South Euphrates loop was refreshed but not central Euphrates. Everything done was refreshed for skate and classic.

Should be a grand day for a ski!

Trails and Grooming Update

Friday, April 15, 2022

Good Morning,Conditions at our club as of 6:30am is -7c with mostly clear skies and no fresh snow overnight. A mix of sun and cloud is forecasted for the remainder of the day and temperatures should reach 5c by late afternoon.

As Jaime stated in yesterdays post, the Pisten Bully is still down for the count with minor issues. Graham used our backup Husky groomer to refresh the skate lane on Clearwater last night, minus the loops. Busk/Euphrates was left ungroomed, but should still be in fair shape due to lack of fresh snow and cooler than normal temperatures. Thanks Graham.

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Our PistenBully 100 requires some minor maintenance. We are working to resolve the issue. Though it appears to be a minor electrical problem, we will be grooming with our backup Prinoth Husky in the meantime.

However, the renovator implement that allows us to groom most easily in the spring conditions can not be fit on the Husky. Mark therefore groomed the trails for skate yesterday evening, while the snow was still soft, but they are only in fair condition this morning. He was not able to put in a classic track.

Trails will likely be hard and very fast early this morning until they soften up a bit.

We will keep you posted on our progress with the repairs to the PistenBully. We will continue grooming with the Husky in the meantime, but that machine rarely gave us excellent spring skiing conditions in the past. So please adjust your expectations if you are planning to ski over the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience.