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Trails and Grooming Update

March 29, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

We had hoped to keep grooming until the end of this weekend, but a stretch of Clearwater has opened up, so we have decided to call it a wrap for the season.

This season has been a challenge, it was the coldest of winters and it was the warmest of winters. The skill of our groomers, and their ability to move snow around, kept the trails going through the warm spells. Our volunteers have also been great. We had over 30 people, doing tasks such as trail maintenance, infrastructure repair, wood splitting, proposal writing and parking management. Last but not least, the friendly faces you encounter at the Busk kiosk, the kiosk workers. It is the volunteers and skilled staff that keep this club going. Thank you to all these people, and thank you to all the members, and their continued support of the club!

I hope everybody has a good summer, filled with all the summer activities, until the snow flies, and we can don our skis again!

Trail and Grooming Report

March 28, 2024


We had such a wonderful time hosting everyone this year and can’t wait to see you all on your skis next season!

Stay tuned to you email; I will be sending out an official wrap up newsletter filled with all of the great season highlights for your amusement.

Didn’t get your volunteer hours in this year yet, or maybe you just want something to do while you dream of snow filled glory?

Don’t worry! It’s not to late to to help out with your volunteer hours, we will be active with projects through the off season too; and as you know many hands make light work! Contact us to sign up for some off season volunteer fun.

Thank you to all of our staff, volunteers and community partners, we could not do it without you. And an extra big hug to all of our sponsors and donors, your donations help us in so many big and little ways.

If you are interested in helping us raise money for our spring, summer and fall projects, plus our ongoing trail expansion plans check out our Nordiq Canada Fundraising page to make a donation through the link below.

Trails and Grooming Update

March 27, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

The time is 7:37am and the temperature is +1c. Overcast skies, with periods of precipitation through the day. The temperature will be around +4c by late afternoon.

Grooming is finished and included Clearwater main and Wolverine Loop, and Busk main and Euphrates. Camp Busk loop was not refreshed today and neither were Moose and Cabin loops, as they were still in good shape.

Trails and Grooming Update

March 26, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

The time is 7:03am and the temperature is +1c. Fresh now has fallen above 3km on the Clearwater trail making for nice conditions on the top half of that trail. Skies will be a mixture of sun and cloud.

Clearwater and Loops have just been refreshed, Busk/Euphrates is just getting started, and will include the main trail, Euphrates and Euphrates loops and Camp Busk loop, and should be finished around 8:30am.

Euphrates cabin was closed yesterday for the season!