Trails and Grooming Update

Tuesday Feb 7, 2023
Good Morning skiers,

The time is 6:27am and the temperature at our club is 0c, barely any snow over the last 12hrs. By late after noon it will be +1c with snow through the day.

Cottonwood, Rail Grade, Southern portion of Night loop and Stadium are done on Apex side. On the Busk side, most of northern Busk is done and Clearwater is underway. Once Clearwater is finished Mitch will complete the remainder of Busk and Euphrates, finishing on the Apex side with the remainder of Night loop, Night Creek and Apex.

I have noticed that when there is rain in town, that the numbers of skiers at our club decline. Most often, this winter, Apex is snowing, when there is rain in town. I will try and give a late morning report today, but I suspect we will have snow instead of rain today.

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