Trails and Grooming Update

Thursday March 9, 2023

Good Morning Skiers,
The time is 6:20am and the temperature at our club is -9c, with no fresh snow overnight. Temperatures should peak at 0c in midafternoon with clouds and a chance of flurries in the early morning. After 10am it will be a mix of sun and cloud.

We are right on schedule for our grooming this morning with Cottonwood and Stadium done. Clearwater is being done at the moment. Once Clearwater is finished, we will be doing a full refresh of Busk/Euphrates. Finally we will finish with the remainder of the trails on the Apex side, with completion around 9:30am.

We have had a wildlife filled year at our club, with Moose, Elk and Wolves and Coyotes all over our trail network. This makes skiing at our club a richer experience. But we have a responsibility to keep these animals, and ourselves safe, which is simple. If you see any of these animals, stop and let them move on. Do not approach any wildlife. Thanks and enjoy the trails!

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