Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The trails remain CLOSED at this time, but we are much closer to our opening day!

We received another 7 to 10 cm of fresh snow yesterday and sent out our BR 180 snowcat overnight to groom. Unfortunately, coverage is still a bit thin so no tilling is advisable until we get another 10 to 15 cm of fresh snow.

With no more snow in the forecast and still slim coverage in places we are not confident in opening the trails until we have adequate accumulation to keep them in fair to good condition on a day to day basis. On the bright side, the snow that has fallen has formed an excellent base and, with cold temperatures in the forecast for the next several days, we should be able to retain that base.

We are very optimistic that if the next significant snowfall occurs early next week as some forecasts show, we may be able to open Apex and Busk next week.

Active hauling is still taking place up Clearwater till Thursday so we will need more snowfall before we can begin grooming that network of trails.

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