February 23, 2021

Good morning Skiers,

Currently as of 06:35am temperatures at our club are -2 Celsius and partly cloudy. Snow accumulation overnight has been 2mm. Predicted daytime highs are +3 Celsius with partly sunny skies. Lets be thankful for the snow.

Mark is grooming Clearwater soon, and has already completed Apex, Cottonwood the night loop, Stadium, and Busk/Euphrates. The grooming is challenging with the variable weather so let Mark know our appreciation.

If you want to know which God to thank for yesterdays rain turning to snow overnight, it is actually a Goddess. In Norse legend Skaði (pronounced Ska-di) is the giant turned goddess who hunts and skis in the mountains. She was accepted into the Aesir (realm of the gods) when she married Njörðr (Njord) the god of the sea. The marriage didn’t last as Skadi couldn’t stand the sea and Njord didn’t like being in the mountains. I guess the lesson is a skier should never marry a surfer.

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