February 24, 2021

Good Morning Nelson Nordic,

Current conditions at our club (07:00am) is just a squeak above -12 Celsius. Skies are clear and winds are calm. Predicted day time highs will be +3 degrees Celsius with skies remaining clear.

Mark is grooming away at the moment. Again the grooming is challenging with the thaw and refreezing. But like yesterday, he did a great job, and the trails were excellent. I suspect today will be the same. Busk/Euphrates is complete and he is working his way up Clearwater at the moment. Shortly after he will move over to the Apex side.

As the Kiosk attendant most people I deal with have far more experience skiing than I do. But often I help people who are new to skiing and you can see they are falling in love with the sport, but are frustrated at this time of year when snow conditions get sticky. Often they are using waxless skis, which has an unfortunate name as it should be read as Wax Less not waxless. I hate to see these skiers with ten pound of sticky snow stuck to their wax pocket. So remember Wax Less skis still need glide wax on the tips and tails, but on sticky days run a light coating of glide wax, from the front to the back over the scales, to prevent snow sticking to this area.

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