February 25, 2021

Good Morning Nelson Nordic team,

As of 07:45 the conditions are -3 Celsius and snowing heavily. Accumulations overnight are about 10cm or 4″. Predicted daytime highs will be +1 Celsius with snow to continue throughout the day.

Mark is again our groomer today, and he has completed Busk/Euphrates and Clearwater, and is redoing Busk/Euphrates again right now, as so much snow has fallen since he started. Apex side will take place after Busk/Euphrates is completed. Be careful when skiing around the Grooming Machine! Give the machine lots of space.

Skiing has a long history in the Nordic Countries, dating back as much as 4000 years in Finland. But skiing may have taken place much farther into the distant pass in the Altai mountains of Inner Mongolia, in what is today Northern China, where it may date back possibly 10,000 years. Watch this interesting clip and enjoy the interesting ancient single pole technique, still used today in this region!

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