Saturday, March 13th

Another snowless night out there on the trails. As of 6:30am it is -7C, with the sun illuminating a cloudless sky. There is a predicted high of +11C and for the sun to remain unchallenged in the sky all day.

The corduroy is fresh on: all loops on Clearwater, and Busk, and Apex side is to be complete by about 8am. The condition of the trails are similar to yesterday, good to excellent, except for Busk which is only good conditions because it is showing signs of spring.

Fact of the Day: We probably have all heard about how the Inuit have 50 words for snow, but the Sami people of northern Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Russia have 180 words for different types of snow! The Sami are traditionally fishers, trappers and reindeer herders. That many ways to describe snow is pretty impressive, but that is nothing compared to the approximately 1000 words they have for reindeer!


Can you think of some words that we use to describe snow in the English language???

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