March 15, 2021

Good Morning Team,
As of 6:15AM temperatures at our club are just a hair south of 0 Celsius. A dusting of snow has fallen over night. Predicted day time highs are +7 with overcast skies, possibly some precipitation.

Jason is working hard at this moment grooming away, most of the Apex side is done (not including Night Creek, Grizzly and Rail Grade) and from the GPS tracker, it looks Jason just came down the Busk Connecter and is grooming busk right now. Clearwater will be last, and Jason asks skiers to avoid Clearwater until the grooming sign is removed. This will be sometime after 7:30AM. Thanks Jason!

Beware the Ides of March!On this day in the year 44 BC, Julius Caesar, was assassinated in the Senate Chambers in Rome. Caesar was about to be declared a dictator for life. 60 senators conspired, to preserve the 465-year-old Roman republic, and remove the would-be dictator before he could ascend to this high office. Unfortunately, the plan to return Rome to a Republic failed. After a period of civil war, Julius Caesar’s Nephew, Octavian, became the first Roman Emperor, Augustus. Rome was ruled by Emperors, until its fall 520 years later.
“O that a man might knowthe end of this day’s business ere it come!But it sufficeth that the day will end and then the end is known.”― William Shakespeare, Julius CaesarAdd to Your PostBoost Post

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