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Trail conditions for Sunday Dec. 13 2015

“Perfect snow for building snow men and snow balls,not the best for grooming”….were the groomers words this a.m…10cm of heavy snow overnight ..+3 degrees.He groomed Clearwater, Loop 2 & 3 on the Clearwater Trail, Night Loop & Apex for both classic and skate skiing…trails are soft with these warm temperatures and in fair condition….parking lots will have this snow accumulation…..we will be inspecting the Cottonwood and Busk Euphrates trails this week with the hopes to have them open, certainly for next week end….stay tuned….Enjoy!!!

Trail Conditions for Dec. 11 2015

Here is the scoop as of 7:00 a.m……3cm of fresh snow with in the last 24 hours…+1 degree..Clearwater main trail is in good condition for both classic and skate skiing, Loops 2&3 on Clearwater groomed for both classic and skate skiing in fair condition…Loop 4 and Qua Ck. Loop CLOSED…Night Loop groomed for both classic and skate skiing in Fair to Good condition, and Apex skate lane was groomed. The classic tracks on Apex are poor due to the minimal snow coverage.Cottonwood Trail is CLOSED – Busk Euphrates Trail CLOSED….there are many hazard areas on all CLOSED trails. Additional snow accumulation and cooler temperatures should improve those conditions…Enjoy!!!

Trail for Dec. 09 2015

Grooming will cease until colder temperatures arrive….upon trail inspection, it will be best to once again leave the trails untouched…we don’t want to lose the base we still have…Clearwater main trail was groomed early this a.m. for both classic/skate, it turned out okay, but since the groom there will be heavy wet snow accumulation, as well as on the Night Loop…above 3km on Clearwater, it’s quite beautiful, it’s just getting there at this point….The Night Lights are on until 10:00 p.m. every night, and once again the night loop is very soft…Apex was groomed yesterday, cones have been placed in hazardous areas on that trail, snow accumulation still pretty skinny under the trees…We are expecting cooler temperatures by Friday and at that time will hope to improve the conditions on the mentioned trails…..

Trail Conditions for Dec. 07 2015

“Challenging”…is the word for the grooming this a.m….10-20cm of heavy snow within the last 24 hours…Clearwater, Loop 2 & 3 as well as Night and Apex Loops for classic and skate skiing were just groomed…Fair conditions….pretty slow grooming process with these conditions, producing the best we can with what we have to work with….looking forward to some cooler temperatures…enjoy!!!!!