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Trails and Grooming Report

March 22, 2024
Good Morning,
It is 6:45am and is +1c. There is a mix of sun and cloud forecasted today with temperatures rising to about 8c by mid afternoon.

Clearwater and the loops have been groomed this morning. Busk/Euphrates is in progress and should be done around 8:00 am.
We have variable conditions on the trails with a mix of icy and slushy conditions.

Spring has fully sprung at the Apex location so we are no longer grooming any of the trails on that side, including Cottonwood.
Over the weekend we will continue to groom the Clearwater location trails, check into our daily updates to stay current to any changes.
Have a great day and we hope to see you out over the next few days.

Smooth Grooves Trails & Tracks Upgrades Fundraiser – Extended!

Nelson Nordic Ski Club needs your help to upgrade our trails this summer and to help us fundraise for future trail expansions and our Andrson Bridge Project!

Our ongoing Nordiq Canada fundraiser is open now! All NNSC donors who contribute to the Nelson Nordic Ski Club through the Nordiq Canada fundraiser link below will receive a tax receipt for their donation.

Wow, what a season! Mother Nature threw a lot at us this year. We moved snow, piled snow, stored snow, buried pallets and even put in a new trail! Canada weather had nothing on our hard-working Grooming Team:)

In the immediate future we want to keep you gliding on your skis no matter what Mother Nature has in store, so, we have been busy planning for some trail upgrades that include: opening up the canopy in some areas, raising and improving drainage on our low lying trails in and around Busk, replacing worn out bridge abutments and grading uneven trails to a smoother finish, which will allow for better grooming during low snow conditions.

That is not all though!

Our long-term goal is to further expand our trail system. This type of large infrastructure project will require a significant amount of Club funds to implement.

Preliminary reviews of future trail expansions possibilities are underway, but no final project area has been determined at this time.

The Club is reviewing the feasibility of expanding along the Hall Siding corridor, and initial plans and estimates for this expansion are upwards of $270k or higher. Alternative areas that connect to our trails are also being investigated.

We have already begun writing grants to secure funds for future expansion projects.

Help us achieve our goals, donate now through the link below.

Trail and Grooming Report

March 16, 2024

Good Morning,
It is a beautiful day! The time is 7:00 am and the current temperature is -2c with temperatures rising to about +15 later in the day.
All the trails are groomed except Stadium and north half of Night Creek.
Moose Loop is closed due to avalanche risk until further notice.

It is almost bell ringing time…tomorrow is the Clearwater Challenge, Sunday, March 17, start tme is 10:00 am and registration opens at 9:15. $20 paid in cash, non members will also need to purchase a day pass.

Enjoy your ski today and we hope to see you all out bright and early for the Challenge tomorrow.

Trail and Grooming Update

March 15, 2024

Good Morning,
The time is 7:00am and the current temperature is -3c and temperatures will rise to about +10 later in the day.

We have switch things up a bit and Clearwater, Wolverine, Cabin and Cottonwood. We are in the process of grooming the Apex side and then on to Busk. This should give the best conditions for managing any ice forming with the warm days and cooler nighttime temperatures.

Moose Loop is closed due to avalanche risk until further notice.

Don’t forget that the Clearwater Challenge is on this Sunday, March 17, start tme is 10:00 am and registration opens at 9:15. See you all there…come on we know you want to ring the bell:)

Trails and Grooming Report

March 10, 2024
Happy Daylight Savings,
The time is 7:15 am and the temperature is 0c and snowing. The skies are overcast and we should see temperatures rise above zero later in the day.
Cottonwood/Railgrade Apex loop and Nightloop are ready to go and have been refreshed, there is one more pass of Euphrates to be done and then Clearwater will be refreshed, including the loops. we started late due to the snow and we received 3cm of new snow.
The count down has started to our Clearwater Challenge on March 17th so grab your skis and come on out for a ski!