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March 3, 2021

Good Morning Nelson Nordic,

As of 07:09am the conditions at our club is -2 Celsius, with partly cloudy skies and calm winds. The predicted day time high is +7 Celsius with beautiful clear sunny skies (come get some vitamin D!).

Mark is our groomer today, and he informs me that he has just finished clearwater, and is putting the final touches on Busk, before he moves over to Apex. Thanks Mark!

Biathlon, which combines skiing and shooting, not surprisingly has military roots. There are documents describing fighting on skis in the first Northern War (1700-1721) involving Sweden and Norway. The first recorded biathlon competition was on the Swedish-Norwegian border in 1767. In the Winter war of 1939-1940 between the Soviets and Finland, ski troops played a huge roll in Finland’s ability to fight the Soviets to a standstill. Finland lost Karelia but maintained it’s freedom, with their superior ability to ski to thank.


Nelson Nordic Ski Club is in the final stages of its grooming machine fundraiser!

We need to raise $25,000 by Valentine’s Day to match the affection of a generous donor and start a new relationship with classic curvy tracks and firm rippling corduroy!

A new groomer would be the cat of our dreams and will stand by our club through thick and thin! Show your Club how much you care and help us set up a lasting relationship with amazing trails!

Donate online or at the kiosks by February 14, 2021. Charitable tax receipts are ONLY available by online donation through Nordiq Canada!

BC Capital Gaming Swiped Left

In early January, Nelson Nordic Ski Club Board members got the disappointing news that the Club’s application to BC Gaming’s Capital Projects Fund was not successful. This was due to no fault of the Club, but resulted from variation in the Commission’s funding priorities from year to year.

Thankfully, the Club has received incredible support from an anonymous donor, to the extent that the dream of a reliable grooming machine and impeccable trails is not only still alive, but is also likely to still be possible for the latter half of this season. The recent grooming machine breakdown again last week makes it clear how pressing this project is for our skiing community.

However, the final piece of funding is up to us! So the Club is reaching out again to our members, friends and supporters to raise funds to match the generosity of our private donor. We now have more than 1,300 members registered so far this year — if half of us contributed just $20 each, we would have $13,000. If we can get close to $25,000, we can and will have excellent skiing for years to come.

Show your club how much you care! Click on the link to Love your Club! and let’s have an awesome Valentine’s Day 2021.


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Grooming has been completed on Busk, Euphrates and to the top of Clearwater. The top part of Clearwater, past Qua Creek, is reopened today.

Apex side will next be groomed tonight.

As there has been no fresh snow since yesterday’s windstorm, there will continue to be debris on most of the trails throughout the network. Please ski with caution.

It’s also colder today. Currently approximately -8C at the Club, with high not likely to go above zero. Enjoy the sunshine!


Friday, January 8, 2021

The team is again grooming and tracksetting the entire network for classic and skate skiing. As of 8 am, the network is looking great.

Busk and Clearwater are already done, and we’re just finishing up on the Apex side.

The School Outreach Program runs today from 8:30 am to 3 pm at Apex.

Current air temperature is around -5C and it looks as though highs will remain below zero today. Enjoy your ski!


Sunday, December 27, 2020

A little fresh snow overnight and as of 7:45 am, the following trails have been groomed and trackset for skate & classic:Apex, Night Loop, Cottonwood Rail Grade, Clearwater main trail and loops (Wolverine, Cabin, Moose).

Trails are in very good to excellent condition.Grooming is currently in progress in Busk/Euphrates area and should be concluded around 9 am.

As always, please use caution when skiing near the grooming machine. Please slow down and ensure the operators can see you. Thank you.

Have a great ski!