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Grooming team out early again today to refresh the skate lanes and classic track on the Clearwater Trails. The trails up Clearwater were in excellent condition yesterday and will be again today. Go get it!

Busk Euphrates, Apex, Night Loop and Rail Grade last groomed on Saturday morning. We simply have not received enough new snow at lower elevations to continue touching up these trails with the snowcat.

We may attempt a refresh with the sled and ginzu, but with the limited base, the ginzu has been pulling up rocks, especially on Busk Euphrates. Classic tracks on those trails remain in reasonably good condition, but the skate lanes will welcome the fresh snow in the forecast today! ❄️

Clearwater trails are the best bet for epic world-class cross-country skiing today!



No fresh snow overnight. Clearwater Trail and Night Loop groomed late last night. Clearwater is in good to excellent condition for classic and skate skiing.

Apex, Cottonwood Rail Grade, and Busk Euphrates are getting quite thin and we will likely not groom these trails again with the snowcat until we receive fresh snowfall. These trails are all in reasonably good condition for classic skiing. Busk is getting a little skied out for skate skiing, but is still in fair condition.

We may be able to refresh the skate lanes a bit with the sled and ginzu today, but that is showing diminishing returns on Busk Euphrates. Thankfully, snow is in the forecast for Tuesday.

Busk Camp Loop remains closed. The grooming team will be working on a washout near the top of the Busk Hill on Sunday afternoon. Please respect trail closure signs and use caution if skiing in proximity to grooming machines.


Clearwater Trails groomed and trackset this morning for classic and skate, and in excellent condition.

Apex, Night Loop, Cottonwood Rail Grade groomed and trackset this morning for classic and skate, and in fair to good condition. Coverage is thin in places on the skate lanes.

As of 7:30 a.m., skate lanes on Busk Euphrates will be touched up next with the ginzu and should be in fair to good condition. The hill on Busk remains closed. We are looking forward to that snow in the forecast.

Finally, our snowshoe trails in the Busk Euphrates area are now open! Snowshoers must remain on designated snowshoe trails except at crossings/junctions. A snowshoeing day pass is $5 per person. Snowshoeing is included with your season’s pass for Nelson Nordic Ski Club!

Happy Skiing & Snowshoeing!


HOORAY! We received about 4 to 6 cm of fresh snow overnight so we delayed our grooming operations until early this morning.

For your own safety and the safety of our grooming operators, please use caution when skiing near grooming machines that are in operation. Slow down and ensure our groomers see you when approaching.

As of 8:15 a.m., Clearwater Trails are groomed and in very good condition for classic and skate skiing.

Busk Euphrates is currently being groomed for both classic and skate skiing. It is still a little patchy through sections of Busk Euphrates under the canopy, but is looking a little better today.

Grooming will continue on Busk and Apex through the morning. We will update this post as trail conditions come available.

Our apologies that the GPS tracking page is not always updating properly. We are experiencing intermittent issues with the tech and are working to rectify the situation.


We have our winners! If you registered for your season’s pass before December 1, you were entered into a draw for a BC Punch Pass and an MEC gift card.

Congratulations to Susan Lamb, who won the Punch Pass, and to Amy Bohigian, who won the MEC gift card! Winners will be contacted by email to claim their prizes.

AND… if you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for?! Come visit us at Gerick Cycle and Ski on Friday and Saturday this week from 1 to 5 pm. You can sign up there or pick up your pass. If you’re picking up your sticker for this year, please remember that you will need to bring last year’s pass with you!

Last, but not least, many thanks to all 701 members who have registered for a season’s pass to date this year. We are well on our way to surpassing our membership numbers from last year. And with the flakes falling, we know you’re all looking forward to getting out on the snow. Soon we’ll be able to begin trail packing and, if the weather cooperates, it won’t be too much longer before we begin setting track, as well. Rain, rain, stay away!