Trails and Grooming Update

Monday Feb 20, 2023

Good Morning Skiers,

The time is 6:45am and the temperature at our club is -1c, with some snow over night. I can see from the highways camera that there is fresh snow and they are reporting 8cm, but thier figure for accumulation has not been accurate for Apex recently, so I will just say some snow. Temperatures should peak at +3 in late afternoon. Until 10am it will be a mix of sun and cloud. After 10am it should turn cloudy with some snow through the day.

Grooming is proceeding as usual for this time, with Cottonwood/Rail grade and Stadium complete. The main trails on Busk/Euphrates have had a pass, and grooming is ongoing on Clearwater. I suspect Mitch will do another pass on Busk/Euphrates and do the unfinished loops. By 9:30 all should refreshed.

Enjoy skiing on Family Day!

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